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Specialist Pharmacy given top rating by GPhC


Specialist Pharmacy given top rating by GPhC

We’d like to congratulate our Superintendent Pharmacist, Salim Ouhadj, and all of our Specialist Pharmacy team for passing their recent General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) most recent inspection. In fact, not only did they pass but they passed with a rating of “Good” – the highest accolade awarded to registered pharmacies by the council. It is important to note that generally pharmacies pass with a “Satisfactory” rating and our inspector had not given a “Good” rating for 5 years! This stamp of approval also came with “no suggestions for improvement”, a rare occurrence for these inspections.

Indicative Inspection Judgement:

“Specialist Pharmacy is: Good for the premises standards for registered pharmacies.”

The inspection covers a number of different areas but most importantly it is checking that medications are made to a high standard (Medicines Management and Governance), that staff are properly trained and supported and that the environment where medicines are created is clean and safe (Premises).

The Inspector gave the Specialist Pharmacy the following outstanding comments in these areas:

GovernanceThe pharmacy minimises risks by doing continual and systematic reviews.

Staff The pharmacy has a good culture of learning, continuous improvement and personal development.

PremisesThe premises are safe, clean, and properly maintained. The pharmacy maintains a high level of cleanliness at all times and uses robust cleaning schedules.

The inspection was very detailed and covered areas we pride ourselves on. One of which is our quality assurance. You may be aware that your medication from Specialist Pharmacy is not often available for same day delivery and there is a very good reason for this. As your medication is personalised for you it is not waiting on a shelf ready to be packaged and delivered to you. Each and every formulation is made up from scratch for each individual prescription. There are strict processes and procedures for making your formulation as each one has to be made to a perfect formulation calculated by a pharmacist.

Below are the comments the inspector made on our formulation process:

“Once the order had been processed it was scheduled on the compounding software. The pharmacy had separate rooms for the production of different formulations. Products were checked by the pharmacist. Quality assurance checks were carried out which involved two pharmacists.”

“There were strict rules around formulating. Pharmacists looked into this in detail and extrapolated information. There were always two pharmacists involved and all information was recorded and was traceable.”

Other checks included checking where we source our materials from. The inspector made comment on origin, quality, and maintenance in the report:

“It obtains medicines and raw materials from reputable sources and manages them appropriately so that they are safe for people to use.”

“Formulas for products were obtained from raw material suppliers, learning centres and the British, American and Australian pharmacopeias.”

We are very proud of our staff and pharmacy for this achievement however, we are most proud that we can provide this level of service to you our customers.. Should you wish to find out more information on our registration as a pharmacy you can visit our registration page. Our team would also be happy to answer any questions you may have about this.

Superintendent Pharmacist: Salim M. L. Ouhadj GPhC reg: 2061749
Pharmacy Owner: The London Specialist Pharmacy Ltd. Premises GPhC reg: 9010630

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