Specialist Pharmacy

Case studies

Life-changing treatment
We have had many patients call and tell us that our medication has given them back their lives by alleviating their symptoms, and enabling them to feel like themselves once again.

Here are just some examples:

“Thanks so much for the small amount of bio-identical estrogen and progesterone that has turned my life around, especially after I thought there were no other options for me after I couldn’t get on with conventional HRT! Amazing with hindsight just how bad I felt and I’m concerned to think of how many people go around thinking they are losing their mind but just simply have a hormone imbalance.”
Karen, London

“The hormones are absolutely wonderful. I could not have asked for anything better for my life and health. My life is new, exciting and I have so much energy and resilience. Thank you so much, words are not enough for the gratitude that I feel for the effect this treatment has had on my life.”
Sarah, Manchester

Meeting different needs of patients
We had a patient that required a compounded high strength progesterone suppository; which is not an item we usually compound. This meant that we had to undertake extensive research; this included our pharmacists finding the appropriate base and mould to compound the suppository. We also carried out research on the expiration date to ensure that the suppository lasted longer which would therefore be more cost effective for the patient as the preparation requires refrigeration.

After three days of research we were able to consolidate all the information and do a trial compounding using mostly natural ingredients, as the patient had previously tried the cream but found it caused her mild irritation.  The trial was successful and this was relayed to the patient’s doctor so that a prescription could be organised. The patient received her refrigerated suppository delivered in a temperature regulated cooler box equipped with a data logger to ensure product integrity was maintained throughout transportation the same day.

The patient was left very happy, and responded well to the suppository medication.

Always going the extra mile
A patient called on Thursday (day before Good Friday) late in the afternoon at 5:15pm when the laboratory had already finished compounding. The patient urgently needed her lozenges as she had completely run out, and was due to travel the following day. Due to her concerns of her symptoms returning one of our pharmacists stayed behind that evening and compounded her lozenges. The pharmacist then arranged for an express courier to be delivered to Gatwick Airport on Good Friday before 9am so that the patient could catch her flight with her medication on board.

The patient was very happy, and had a lovely holiday!