Specialist Pharmacy


All ingredients used in Specialist Pharmacy compounded products are approved by the FDA and MHRA.

The base that we use for our creams contains ingredients that are commonly found in UK medicines and dermatological products such as moisturisers and emollients. It is supplied to us by a reputable, well known manufacturer in Germany, which complies to EU law.

The lozenge base contains a natural sweetener, Stevia, which is an FDA-approved sweetener and comes from the leaves of a plant. Various flavours are available to suit your palette. Please ask your doctor or Specialist Pharmacy customer services when ordering your medication.

12 months for transdermal creams, 6 months for capsules, lozenge, hair tonics and facial creams. If there is a different expiry date due to medication ingredients, the expiry date will be issued on the medication.

Always advise your patients to check the expiry date in case it differs.

Ensure that the patient presses the pump all the way down in order to achieve the correct dose.

Apply the cream to clean, dry skin on the inner forearms and rub together for at least one minute in circular motions. Click here for more information.

The patient removes a single lozenge from the tray by pushing on the underside until the lozenge pops out. It can be cut it into halves or quarters if necessary.  The lozenge should be placed between the gum and upper lip and let it dissolve, allowing up to 20 minutes to do so. Click here for more information.

Medication should be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and water unless something different is specified.

Yes. As long as we receive a prescription by a registered GMC doctor, NMC prescribing nurse or GPhC pharmacist in the UK, which meets the legal and regulatory requirements,  we can process that prescription. For patients in countries outside of the EU, please contact us first in order for us to check the current shipment status. We are unable to ship to Nigeria due to the likelihood of medication not being allowed through local customs. Please note that your patient will be charged the relevant shipment costs for international airmail.

In most cases it will take 24 hours from the moment the prescription is received, to be compounded and dispatched to the patient. At busy times (particularly June, July, November, December) or if a non-compounded item is not in stock, this timescale may increase to up to three working days from the point of order.

Patients are offered a number of delivery options to suit their needs – from standard Royal Mail through to courier.

Depending on the type of medication that has been prepared, each hormone medication usually averages between £1-£3 per day and lasts an average of 3 months subject to the dosage. Prices vary because we offer personalised formulations rather than ready-made products. Please contact us if you require information regarding the cost of an individualised prescription.

No. It is the responsibility of the patient to see their practitioner at the appropriate time, for regular check-ups and to ensure they have enough repeat medication before running out. When your patient’s last repeat is dispensed by Specialist Pharmacy, a sticker highlighting this is attached to their medication.