Specialist Pharmacy

Terms and conditions

Prescribers Prescription Policy
Specialist Pharmacy only compounds medication when both a prescription has been received and payment has been made. It is essential that the Specialist Pharmacy has the original, signed prescription before medication can be dispensed.

Specialist Pharmacy cannot accept faxed or scanned copies of the prescription in lieu of the original. Specialist Pharmacy provides all prescribers with Freepost envelopes in which to send original prescriptions.

When an emergency situation arises and the prescribing doctor cannot be contacted, the Specialist Pharmacy pharmacist may decide to dispense medication (excluding DHEA and testosterone preparations due to their status as controlled drugs) in the absence of a prescription. It is essential that a prescription is received as soon after dispensing as is possible.

Prescription Validity
For most preparations, a private prescription will be valid for six months from the time of writing. Where the prescription contains DHEA and testosterone (controlled drugs schedule 2, 3 and 4), a private prescription is only valid for 28 days from the time of writing. These validity timescales relate to the time a patient has in which to order the medication. Specialist Pharmacy cannot take orders for a prescription that is no longer valid.

If the prescription contains a number of repeats, where the patient can order further quantities of the same prescribed medication up to a limit set by their doctor, the repeat items can be taken for up to 12 months from the time of writing should the first order have been made within the initial validity timescale (6 months or 28 days).

Once a prescription is no longer valid, the patient must revert to their prescriber for further prescriptions. Please note that new prescriptions invalidate any previous prescriptions that exist, even when there are repeat items remaining on the previous prescription.

Payment Terms
Specialist Pharmacy requires payment at the point of ordering or arrangement of an upfront fee-on-account. Specialist Pharmacy does not extend credit.

For prescribers with a partner agreement, payment terms are stated in the contractual agreement.

Specialist Pharmacy does not offer refunds on medication, in line with the General Pharmaceutical Council guidance. Once a medication has been dispensed, it cannot be reused and must be disposed of.

In those circumstances where the Specialist Pharmacy has dispensed a medication in error, i.e. the medication is not what was on the prescription, a full refund will be given if the Specialist Pharmacy is notified of the error within three weeks of dispensing the medication.

Specialist Pharmacy provides all prescribing doctors with details of the ingredients in its products, highlighting potential allergens. Specialist Pharmacy is able to alter its usual ingredients to cater for specific allergies in advance of compounding, if requested.

Product Liability
Specialist Pharmacy takes no liability for the decision to prescribe a particular medication, which lies with the prescriber. Specialist Pharmacy checks each prescription for suitability and highlights concerns to the relevant prescriber.

Specialist Pharmacy takes full responsibility for the quality of its product, as at the time it is dispatched.

Medicines and Allergens
Specialist Pharmacy will provide all prescribers with details of the ingredients in its products, highlighting potential allergens. Specialist Pharmacy is able to alter its usual ingredients to cater for specific allergies if requested to do so by a prescriber.

It is a prescriber’s responsibility to make a patient aware of potential allergens in a medication. In the situation that a prescriber has informed the patient of allergens in the medication and the patient has not been aware of any initial reaction but subsequently has a reaction, Specialist Pharmacy is not able to issue a new product without charge or provide a refund.

New Formulations
Specialist Pharmacy is always keen to support its prescribers with new formulations.

Should a new formulation require ingredients not typically used by the Specialist Pharmacy, time will be required to source these new ingredients, ensuring both price and supplier integrity, and to determine an appropriate method of compounding, ensuring quality of process and product. Specialist Pharmacy will engage in active dialogue with the prescriber throughout.

Should a new formulation require equipment that the Specialist Pharmacy does not have access to, it is with regret that the request may have to be declined. Specialist Pharmacy commits to doing this as quickly as possible so that the prescriber can source an alternative supplier in a reasonable timescale.

Specialist Pharmacy encourages feedback from its prescribers.

All feedback is valued and where necessary, will be investigated thoroughly, fairly and quickly to resolve dissatisfaction with the service or product or to improve the quality of the service or product provided.