• Format: Tablet
  • Size: 800 Tablets

Interzym boasts and supports the immune system and has a good effect on your overall health. Interzym ensures the balanced composition for the proper functioning of the metabolism whist improving the immune system.

Recommended daily  use – 2-4 tablets three times daily. To take an hour to a half before meals with water, swallowed whole, do not chew.

Interzym Fermentum (Pancreas concentrate,Papain,Bromelain,trypsin,chymotrypsin and rutin).

If you are hypersensitive to pineapple, papaya and any other ingredients you should not use Interzym. Do not use if you have blood clot disorder, liver damage, kidney damage, are pregnant or shortly before or after surgery. If in doubt ask your doctor or nutritionist.

While taking more than the prescribed daily amount you may experience bloating and flatulence and some times vomiting. Your stools may change colour and may sometimes cause diarrhea.

Product Description