Specialist Pharmacy

About us

The Specialist Pharmacy is the first compounding pharmacy in the UK, creating bespoke medicines designed to treat the symptoms of the menopause and other hormone-related conditions, as an alternative solution to the ‘one size fits all’ approach of standard HRT. We also provide a range of hormone-based treatments, vitamins and supplements designed to complement our compounding offer.

We believe in listening to the needs of prescribers and patients alike, to develop the best possible outcome for both. Our service is based on a unique combination of deep knowledge, the latest precision technology, exacting testing and customised delivery processes. We are registered, regulated and comply with the standards of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). Our rigorously trained pharmacists work only with suppliers operating in countries whose pharmaceutical raw materials and GMP standards are recognised by the EU.


Laboratory process


Specialist Pharmacy is regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council, which has the responsibility of regulating all compounding pharmacies. This means that we prepare unlicensed medicine on a prescription-by-prescription basis.

Our ingredients are sourced from large, reputable pharmaceutical suppliers, all of which are compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice as recognised by the EU.

To compound medication, we mix a pre-prepared base with active ingredients (bio-identical hormones) in our laboratory.  Quality is of the highest importance to us.  We employ a computer-controlled process to reduce and eliminate error (each prescription is assigned a unique barcode) and use high precision equipment to ensure consistency.  Our Superintendent Pharmacist is responsible for ensuring that staff are well trained and that standard operating procedures are in place and followed.  She checks all prescriptions for safety and appropriateness as well as performing other quality checks.  Every medication can be traced back to its original formula, lab technician and ingredient source.



Our team

Compounding and fulfilment
Our Pharmacists are registered with the GPhC and subject to the Standards for Conduct, Ethics and Performance and requirements relating to Continuing Professional Development (CPD). All compounders are fully qualified to NVQ Level 2. We place high expectations on the quality of practice of our colleagues, and support this through bespoke training, practice guidance and detailed standard operating procedures.

Customer Services
Our dedicated customer service team provides patient care and counselling. They are on hand to take prescription orders and provide individualised care at every level of the patient journey. The customer services team work closely with the pharmacists and compounders to ensure patients receive all the information and education that they require.


The Specialist Pharmacy is committed to developing its high quality team.  We are always interested to receive applications from high-quality individuals who are looking for a career in producing personalised medicine. Please contact us to register your interest and find out about any future opportunities.