Unique, Compounded Medications For Pets & Animals Of All Species

Just as humans benefit from compounded medications, veterinary centres can also provide a more tailored degree of care for the animals in their charge, with customised prescriptions. As the leading compounding pharmacy in the UK, we can provide you with the highest quality bespoke formulations to most effectively treat your clients’ animals.

Many commercially manufactured medicines for use in veterinary care are produced in set doses and delivery methods with no options for customisation. Compounded medications for pets turn this concept on its head, with the production of unique medicines that cater to the needs of different species, and even the individual animal.

An Extra Level Of Care For Animal Owners

Commercially manufactured formulas are created to suit a vast range of species, and although they may be adequate for use across the board, they do not address more specific needs.

With compounded preparations, we can meet the physiological and behavioural requirements of different species, whether pets or commercial animals. Comprising the same active ingredients found in commercial formulas, compounded preparations have the additional benefit of customisation options for delivery method and dosage. We also have the ability to make the medicine more palatable for the animal.

Meeting The Needs Of Individual Animals

No two animals are the same. One medication may provide a complete solution for the condition of one animal, but cause side effects in another. As a compounding pharmacy, we can create preparations in a specific dosage; for example if a condition is presenting with mild symptoms, a lower dose than what could be otherwise obtained may be more appropriate for successful treatment.

Preparations are available in a range of delivery methods, including:

  • Feeding syringes
  • Chewable treats
  • Oral tablets
  • Spot-on formulas

Prescribe With Confidence

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