Truly Effective Hair And Scalp Care Personalised To Unique Requirements

For bespoke trichological formulations catering to a wide range of hair and scalp conditions, look no further than Specialist Pharmacy, the leading compounding pharmacy in the UK. Our expertise in the production of personalised solutions for trichology issues will help you provide your patients with the individual care that they need.

Commercially available formulations address trichological care with a one-size-fits-all approach, which causes frustration for those with more specific needs. Compounded preparations offer a superior alternative, allowing your patients to easily apply an effective, targeted treatment made to meet their requirements.

Ultra-Specific Formulas For Patients Who Have ‘Tried Everything’

We know that patients have often tried handfuls of commercial formulas to treat their hair and scalp issues before turning to a specialist. We supply you with high quality preparations that address these issues the first time round, strengthening your position as a trusted health care provider and increasing rapport with your patients.
We can create formulations to address a wide variety of hair and scalp conditions, from thinning hair to dermatitis. Each preparation can be tailored in terms of active ingredients and bases, enabling you to treat even the most specific of hair and scalp problems.

What Makes Compounded Formulas So Effective?

Many commercial brands manufacturing trichology products place emphasis on the benefits of active ingredients within their formulas. While these are important in targeting particular issues, the base formulations should be equally valued. With compounded preparations, we can introduce active ingredients into bases that allow for more efficient delivery methods, such as a foam base, which increases contact between the active ingredients and the scalp.

Other benefits of compounded formulations include:

  • Diverse application methods
  • Ability to incorporate more than one active ingredient
  • Variable dosages
  • Easy-to-use packaging

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