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Compounded Medication For Accurately Targeting Men’s Health Issues

As a registered, regulated full-service pharmacy, we supply the entire spectrum of commercial as well as compounded medications, vitamins and supplements for treatment of men’s health issues. You can feel confident that you can cater to all your patient’s needs in one place. 

Whether you’re new to compounding or not, our pharmacist-led Hep Desk provides unrivalled support and can help you with any queries about dosing, formulation and applications.

Approaching Men’s Healthcare With Precision

When it comes to men’s healthcare, we advocate an approach that is tailored to the individual. With the personalised nature of compounded medication, it is now possible to target your patient’s issues according to their unique needs. As the UK’s no.1 compounding pharmacy, we can work closely with you to produce bespoke dosages, formulations and applications that are not commercially available, in order to help your patient(s) achieve optimum health.

Why Compounded Bioidentical Hormones?

Optimal hormone levels can vary greatly between individuals – which makes the limited standardised doses routinely available incompatible with the needs of many. Compounded bioidentical hormones offer:

  • Doses and formulations not available with standardised medications
  • Formulations that can be tailored to remove allergens
  • Multi-drug and low-dose formulations
  • Wider range of application methods
  • Higher efficacy
  • Fewer side effects
  • Improved patient compliance

Tackling Testosterone Deficiency With TRT

Testosterone is the primary androgenic hormone and is essential for many functions in the body, from maintaining muscle bulk and sexual development to bone density  and heart health. Testosterone deficiency is becoming much more prevalent in men over 35 and many health issues such as erectile dysfunction, fatigue, sleep disorders, anxiety and osteoporosis, can be attributed to low testosterone levels. 

Patients with low testosterone or hormonal imbalance can benefit from Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) with compounded bioidentical hormones. Tailor medication to suit your patient’s exact needs and achieve better results.

Prescribe With Confidence

Our pharmacists are here to walk you through everything. Want to know more about the different compounded medications, formulations and doses we can tailor to suit your patient’s needs? Get in touch with our pharmacist-led Help Desk today.

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