We Stand With Ukraine

Specialist Pharmacy Featured in the Independent
November 16, 2022

We’re Donating Medical Supplies To Ukraine

As a pharmacy we wanted to do something practical and meaningful to help and support the brave people of Ukraine. Once the crisis began we acted quickly and within a few days, our generous directors, staff, and well-wishers had donated both their time and money to help us quickly purchase much-needed medications wholesale and in bulk. 

With the help of a client with connections in Ukraine, we were able to get the medicines on a lorry and en route. The medicines have now been delivered directly into the hands of the doctors and hospitals who so desperately need them.

The video below shows Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, receiving the donations.

We are so grateful to everyone that has helped us so far and hope this will be the first of many such humanitarian donations from Specialist Pharmacy. We are currently in the process of coordinating our second donation of medicines.

Coming Together To Make a Difference

Whilst Specialist Pharmacy was co-ordinating donating medicines, our founder, Dr Marion Gluck, has also been working with other doctors and volunteers to set up Medical Now, a fundraising charity partnered with Action for Humanity. It was set up after the founder, Harry Jackson, received a Facebook message from a doctor in Kyiv: “We need help NOW”.

Within just a few days, a website was set up for donations. Doctors and volunteers came together to lend their services, combining skills to form an efficient and agile collective. Medical Now is helping to set up and supply desperately needed field hospitals in Lviv and Kyiv, organising and coordinating to ensure the right supplies are going to the right places.

Find out more about Medical Now here.